HubMD Benefits Health Plans

Health Plans

  • Reduce Costs ($100-$370 less per eConsult)*
  • Fewer in person visits to specialists
    (average is a 30% reduction)*
  • Increased specialty network coverage
  • Increases high quality, coordinated care
HubMD Benefits Health Plans
HubMD Benefits Providers


  • Faster access to specialty advice (average response is in less than 24 hours)
  • Reduced no show rates (20 to 60% fewer)*
  • Decreases unnecessary specialist referrals
  • Improved coordination between primary care physicians and specialist
  • Expanded scope of primary care practice.
HubMD Benefits Patients


  • Quicker resolution of specialty care needs
  • Avoid unnecessary in-person visits and travel
  • Reduced out of pocket expenses
  • Reduce time off work
* Health Affairs 2017
HubMD Benefits Patients